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never before have americans been this disgusted with congress. a cbs news poll out this morning shows just 12% approve of the job they are doing and that is a new all-time low. this as speaker of the house john boehner say he and the president are far apart from passing a jobs plan. we will talk to bob schieffer and break down the numbers. a deadly fire at a cruise ship. you will hear from an american on board who is one of those force the to evacuate. a major scare this morning after three crew members returning home from the international space station lose
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contact with mission control here on earth. >> if you can hear us please keep talking to us. even if you don't hear us you should talk. >> reporter: we will tell you exactly what happened coming up next. a motorcycleist trapped under a burning car speaks out for the first time thanking the bystanders who stepped in to describe his life. he will describe the harrowing moments before his rescue and how he thought he would never make it out alive "early" this friday, september 16th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good morning. welcome to "the early show" on a friday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erica hill. good friday. not a day too soon. a new indication of just how frustrated voters are with washington. president obama's job approval rating is reaching all-time low, but he is still miles ahead of congress when you look at the numbers.
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a cbs news/"the new york times" poll out just morning shows only 12% of americans say congress is doing a good job. that is the worst showing in the history of our polling. joining us now, cbs news chief washington correspondent and host of "face the nation" bob schieffer. we have been watching the numbers go down all year long. were you surprised by that 12%? >> i've never heard of anything like this. this is extraordinary. the folks at the white house have been gloom and doom over there about how the president's approval rating, i think in the latest gallup poll is down to 39%. but my heavens! he is 20 points ahead of the members of congress! only 12% approval rating? i've never heard of anything. i think probably car thieves have higher approval rating in their local community.
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this has to be a shot across the bough for every elected official. people are fed up. >> they are. it was 17% earlier this year. you wonder when the wake-up call will come through. the polling also asked respondents which party they approved of. taking a look at the numbers you see there, the democrats actually have a slight edge over republicans when it comes to the approval numbers. does that surprise you at all? >> really no. i mean, and i'm not sure there is that much difference. there must be some sort of margin of error there. people are just fed up with all of them and that is what this under $lines. one number i saw only 6% think that members of congress deserve re-election. when you're in that kind of territory, i've never heard of a poll that had a minus in it but
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we may go below zero here. >> we were joking in the newsroom that may be what we see next a minus figure. taking a look forward. we have been focusing on campaign 2012 that gets into full swing here. look at some of the front runners among the republicans how do you think they would fare especially what we have seen in response to the american people in response to this latest poll? >> one thing we should underline, it is very very early. it is a long way from election day of 2012 but what you're seeing now in the republican party, i mean, republicans have been very dissatisfied with their own field and i think that was reflected by sort of the mediocre rise of rick perry when he got into the race. here you had basically mitt romney who was the front-runner for about two years now. then perry announces and, suddenly he gets 10 points or 15 points ahead of mitt romney. then we saw in the most recent
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debate, rick perry finding out what it's like to be the front-runner. they cut on him pretty good. the republican race is far from set. i guess you have to say right now that perry and romney are the front runners, but, you know michele bachmann is still in there and the way that race is going i think, frankly, anything could happen there. >> leave it interesting the next few months. bob schieffer in washington thanks. join bob on "face the nation," where his guest will be former president bill clinton and former vice president deck cheney. last night's execution of dwayne buck halted by the u.s. supreme court with a few hours to spare. the case is drawing new attention to presidential contender rick perry for support of the death penalty. cbs news political correspondent jan crawford has more for us from washington. this plays into both of your wheel houses because you covered the supreme court a number of years. gives us the overview of this
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decision. why is it so important and how did it come about? j my time the justices step in and grant a last-minute reprieve is a dramatic moment. buck attorneys are asking to set aside his death sentence. they say he was more dangerous to society because he was black, they say that violated his constitutional rights and asking for a new sentencing hearing. erica, no question of bucks' guilt. he admitted he murdered his girlfriend and another man in 1995. the only issue here is whether he will live or die. >> we mentioned this is a texas case. the home state of rick perry, now a republican presidential contender. has he spoken out at all on this ruling now from the supreme court? >> reporter: we haven't heard from governor perry yet on this. he, obviously, refused to grant buck a new hearing. it came up in last week's republican debate.
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not this case but the issue in general, he said he never struggled with the issue of death penalty because he says texas has a thoughtful and clear process in place. then the 11 years he has been governor perry rah presided over 235 executions. obviously, like you said this is getting a lot of attention because he is running for president. but, erica, i just don't see this being an issue in the republican primary. most americans, about 70% of americans support the death penalty and there is no way you're going to have another republican candidate arguing, you know, rick perry is too tough on those cold-blooded killers. i don't see it coming up or hurting him in the primary. it may be an issue if he were to win the primary and go on to the general election he has to appeal to a broad base but not at this particular time. >> jan crawford in washington this morning, thanks. check in with jeff glor. he has a check of the other morning headlines for us. >> good morning. battle for libya may be entering its end game.
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rebel forces on attack two of the last strongholds for troops loyal to moammar gadhafi. elizabeth palmer is in the libyan capital this morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. fierce fighting going on in both of those bast i don't knowtowns. sirte, a fight and then the assault by the rebels began slowly last night and picking up this morning with maybe thousands of rebels rushing to the aid of those forces that were already ringing in towns. they have been there for two weeks through periods of sporadic fighting and then some talks to try to negotiate surrender, but this just does look like it may be some kind of final assault. the rebels are meeting enormously fierce resistance from the gadhafi loyalists and using anything from snipers to long-range artillery and nobody
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knows how much civilians left in the two settlements but guess there may be tens of thousands of them. jeff? >> liz, thank you. a short time ago, we spoke with nato secretary-general anners fogh rasmussen and asked him how important it is to capture gadhafi. >> well, he's not part of our operation. we are in libya to protect the civilian population against any attack. i think we are in the very final phase of that operation, but neither gadhafi nor any other individual are targets of our operation. >> rasmussen said nato will continue its operations in libya as long as necessary. three crew members from the international space station are safe this morning and back on earth after some scary moments as they return in a russian soyuz capsule. the capsule came down on target but russia's mission control had
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lost communications with the craft prompting serious concerns whether it had been lost during re-entry. >> if you can hear us, please keep talking to us. or even if you don't hear us, you should talk. >> the returning spacemen including one american they are now safe and beginning their recover from six months in weightlessness. a hurricane warning is up this morning for parts of coastal canada. hurricane maria is the third hurricane of the season. it's in the atlantic ocean off new england right now. headed for new foundland. it will not affect the u.s. in ocean city, maryland a funnel cloud possibly a tornado, was spotted yesterday. take a look at this. there was some minor damage to buildings and vehicles. but it did not touch down. there was record flooding in tucson, arizona. heavy rain inundated the streets yesterday as you can see. the city broke a september record for monsoon rainfall with
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5 1/2 inches so far. in garland, texas, the extreme drought is being blamed for a crack in a lawn that trapped a 1-month-old puppy. listen to him. rescuers wet the ground to loosen the dirt there. and they got him out. took about 40 minutes but we are told the little guy is safe this morning and his owner may name him lucky. 11 minutes past the hour
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chances are you've noticed the price of just about everything is on the rise. and along with it foreclosures unemployment also up. >> expectations are down that things will get better any time soon. cbs news economic correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with a look at the latest numbers and hopefully a silver lining somewhere. >> just call me doctor at this point. >> not a lot of good news out there. seems like everything we buy now, prices are on the rise. how much more are we actually paying for everything out there? >> you see how vulnerable the consumer is right now and we talk how important the consumer is because we drive the american economy. prices we pay are rising up 0.4% in august. if you compare this year to last year, the things that you pay for groceries, for gasoline is up 3.8% and this is a difficult thing because the price of things that we need but don't own, is rising. where is the price of things that we own? for example, our homes, our 401(k)s, that is dropping. and it feels like to people out
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there, you know, anything that i need to get my hands on it's more expensive and anything that i have my hands on is decreasing in value. >> you talk about the decrease on things we own and housing is such a key part of this economic crisis that we are in right now. the mortgage crisis that we saw, foreclosures are on the rise. >> yeah. foreclosures up massively in august, up 33%, a huge number. the reason that we care about foreclosures -- by the way, the biggest gain in four years -- the reason we care so much about foreclosures they are a drag on prices even further. when prices go down it is generally speaking due to two factors. our psychology and jobs and then foreclosures. because foreclosures just drag them down overall. >> front page of "the times" still the interest in the problems in europe. keep making their way here to this country. i think when people see it they think european banks is one thing. at least we are not talking about american banks but we are all in this together right? >> it is such a globalized picture now. the problems you hear about greece and italy facing in terms of their debt problems are ours
7:14 am
as well. two reasons. first off you see it reflected in stocks. the headline risk sow there. when they have a bad headline we see it impact our stocks. second of all, their lending. the european banks lend to american companies. those american companies can turn around and hire or not hire if they can get their hands on the money. if those european banks fall and concern they might they have less access. our american companies will have less access to loans from those banks and, as a result of that you could see hiring actually decrease. that was the problem here in the united states in our own credit crisis three years ago when lehman brothers by the way, fell yesterday three years ago. >> the last thing you need is to see a decrease in hiring. we know there isn't a lot of hiring happening right now to begin with. >> exactly. >> dr. june thank you. >> don't check in any time soon. a cruise ship is close to tipping over this morning after a fire killed two crew members and forced 260 people to be
7:15 am
evacuated. crews are trying to pump water out of the ship to keep it upright. joining us from norway is mary lou kerm an american passenger who had to be evacuated from the ship. mary lou, good morning. i know this is a wild 24-hour period for you. but at what point when you first found out the captain made the announcement over the loud speaker there was something wrong with the ship at what point did you know something was seriously wrong? >> we had just gone back to our cabin after breakfast. we were hanging my purse up and our jackets and our lights went out. my husband opened the door and black smoke was rolling down the hallway and, at that moment the captain said "everyone leave now." >> did you panic at all? at that point, you know there is a fire on board. was there a sense of panic, not only with you and your husband, but with the rest of the passengers? >> it was unbelievably calm. it was wonderful.
7:16 am
i think that helped everyone. we were calm on the deck. we were calm as we were helping each other get our life jackets on. and the crew helped us get into the life boats quite rapidly. it was amazing. i took some pictures of people as we were sitting in the life boat and they were just sitting like they were just talking with their friends. >> yeah. was it a bit surreal to know you're on this pleasure cruise this vacation and, all of a sudden, the ship is on fire and you're being evacuated onto life boats? >> i think it all happens so quickly, that, yes, it was surreal. i'm sure people had lots of mixed emotions, but there was no panic shown. it was -- it was very good. >> got it. now you're a long way from arkansas. any side how you're going to get back home and when you can get back home? >> yes.
7:17 am
luckily, we are with a tour. we're not on our own and so that company is going to see to getting us safely back home. >> okay. we wish you the best and thank you for taking a few moments to speak with us. we know it's a crazy 24 hours for you but we're glad you're safe and thank you so much and best to your husband hal as well. mary lou kerm thank you so much. >> good-bye. good to see that they are doing okay. >> it is very good to see they are okay this morning. >> very scary but sounds everybody stayed calm and did what they had to do. still ahead, casey anthony's new troubles. police are now sending her a big bill for the lies she told about the disappearance of her daughter. >> we will take a look at that and how she could actually pay it back. this motorcycle rider caught under a car knows how lucky he is. this video, no matter how many times you see it still grabs you. this morning, you will hear from that man as he says thank you to the many people who helped save his life. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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♪ casey anthony has been called the most hated woman in america. a jury acquitted her in her daughter's murder but she is now being given a bill for lying to investigators in the count she -- >> the judge is ordering her to pay $100,000 to cover the wasted time and expense of the lies that she told. we will get the latest on this case and the odds that anthony getting a big money payout to land her story. a lot of people want to land this story but are they willing to pay for it. >> the question is how much can someone profit from this. our legal annist jeff ford is with us to talk about and what could happen if she doesn't pay? could she go back to jail? that is ahead on "the early show." >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" is sponsored by
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25 past 7:00. a lot of sunshine. also a cool, crisp morning. sharon gibala has the commute for you. marty bass first morning weather. it's about 19 to 21 degrees chillier right now than at this time yesterday. 67 degrees the high. it's going to be a partly sunny day. dinner time temperatures start the weekend off friday night. 60, maybe 59 degrees. let's head over to sharon gibala, wjz 13 traffic control.
7:26 am
another new accident causing a big time problem on 50 in the westbound direction off of the ramp to 97. an overturned vehicle. new accident in randals town, liberty, we have the one work tong harrisburg, southbound direction at maryland line. all lanes getting by. looking at a back up to the pennsylvania state line. fire activity in the city, 4th street. beach and willow closed because of a water main break. delays 795 southbound, typical delays on the beltway. live look outside at the west side. there is a live look outside at 50 at 97. thank you. top of news, possible tornado touching down in ocean city with no warning. monique griego is live with the
7:27 am
story. >> reporter: good morning everyone. people who saw the funnel cloud were shocked something so big and destructive could strike without warning. as the funnel in the shape of a tornado descended on ocean city, people raced the grab cameras. wjz 13 was flooded with pictures and video. cars damaged and trees uprooted, it's up to the national weather vis to determine whether this was a tornado. investigators expected to be out there today. buoy state university student is dead. her roommate confessed to stabbing her in the dorm room. dominique phraser was heard arguing with her roommate. police investigators remain on the scene and will process the dorm room for evidence today. handful of school have been handed a blue ribbon award. the schools are spread around the area. for a list go to and
7:28 am
click on links and numbers. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, up next a judge tells casey anthony to pay up. and hear how one soldier saved her family's home from foreclosure.
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♪ welcome back to "the early show." half past the hour on this friday. i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. a lot of people in this country who firmly believe that casey anthony murdered her daughter. she was acquitted in a court of law for those charges but a lot of people believe that. she was let out of jail quickly after the verdict and made her critics even more upset. now, for the first time we are hearing about some sort of price she will be paying and talking about a price tag here. >> hefty price. almost a hundred,000 and look at the judge's ruling how this could cost her and will she have
7:31 am
a few different ways to make some money and should she be able to keep the money if she profits off of that story. >> here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. in our news here the u.s. supreme court has blocked the execution of a convicted killer in texas. duane buck was convicted of a double murder 16 years ago. his guilt is not in question. buck admits he killed his ex-girlfriend and a man, but his lawyers say he was unfairly sentenced to death because of race related testimony from a psychologist. the prosecutor asked quote, the race factor black increases the future dangerousness for various complicated reasons, is that correct? the psychologist answered yes. bucks' attorney say that suede the jury. the supreme court is reviewing that case. no norway marine officials say a cruise ship that caught fire yesterday might tip over. the ship is docked but water is pumped off. two crewmen killed and 12 others injured and passengers evacuated
7:32 am
safely to life boats after the ship docked there. no remains have been found so far in connection with the susan powell case in utah. despite the announcement from investigators yesterday, that remains had been found. searchers will resume excavation this morning at a site in a desert in utah. powell van issued in 2009. her husband has been called a person of interest in her disappear ns but he has not been charged with any crime. brandon wright in utah has plenty of people to thank after he was saved from the fiery motorcycle accident this week. he spoke for the first time from the hospital yesterday and john blackstone reports. >> this bump with the left is all i'm doing right now. >> reporter: it's a miracle he is able to do that. three days after he was saved by a dozen bystanders motorcyclist brandon wright went before the cameras for one reason. >> i just -- just wanted to thank all of the heroes that put their lives on the line to save
7:33 am
mine mine. i'm forever indebt. i can't thank them enough. >> reporter: his rescue worthy of a hollywood action movie has now been seen around the world. wright first saw it in the hospital with his girlfriend michelle foreheadicson. >> i got more freaked out when i saw it. i'm with him, i said he is okay he is okay. then i saw it. my gosh, the scene of him laying on the ground like that, it's hard. >> reporter: wright's injuries include a fractured pelvis broken leg and severe burns to one foot. his doctors say it would have been much worse if it weren't for the rescuers who must have a big surge of adrenaline. >> be funny to re-enact that now with the ten people and see if they could lift that car. i bet they couldn't. that's a dramatic -- it's just one of the most dramatic rescues we have seen. >> reporter: doctors say wright will make a full recovery and is lucky to have no head injuries. he was riding without a helmet. something he vows never to do again.
7:34 am
>> yeah, i'm definitely a helmet advocate now. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news murray, utah. ti good morning. it is a crystal clear day's start. canadian air mass on top of us , the numbers tell the story. it's now 21 degrees chillier than at this time yesterday. that's astounding. it's predicted to be a five day run of sun. we start it today. 67 degrees, partly sunny, few clouds tomorrow. clearing out sunday. now to latest on casey anthony. earlier this summer she was acquitted in the murder of her daughter day consist lee in a controversial verdict that spawned hate mail and led to her fleeing the state of florida but she was told on thursday by a judge to pay up. >> we the jury find the
7:35 am
defendant not guilty. >> reporter: two months after found not guilty of killing her daughter, casey anthony has been ordered to reimburse investigators for their efforts to find 2-year-old caylee. in a court order obtained by cbs news, anthony is being fined over $97,000 to cover costs related to providing false information as to the location of her daughter. the fine covers expenses related to the massive search sought when caylee was first reported miing in 2008. >> we firmly believe caylee is alive. >> reporter: two months later, investigators determined caylee had died and her mother was eventually charged with murder. in a nationally televised trial anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter but found guilty of lying to detectives. >> i can't say that casey did -- >> reporter: earlier this week anthony's father appeared on dr. fill with a new theory how caylee died indicating she may have been given an accidental
7:36 am
drug overdose. >> i believe casey, or someone she was with, possibly gave something to caylee and she fell asleep and didn't wake up. >> joining us is cbs news legal analyst jack ford and bonnie fuller of she clearly doesn't have any money because she was in jail a number of years and she has gotten a judgment of a hundred,000 she has to pay. >> it's an interesting statute that florida has and it's not often used apparently but it gives the court the ability to say if somebody is convicted after crime and there are costs we can allocate to that crime, it gives the court the ability to say, you know what? you're going to pay for it. here, obviously, the big question was how do you work out those numbers? how do you decide what numbers she is involved with? and, you know, the judge was sort of solemnesque about this because the government the prosecution was looking for about $500,000 for this. the defense was saying no it's way too much. she should only be required to
7:37 am
pay back that portion that can be directly related to what she was convicted of is telling lies not the investigation into the death. the judge came in and said all right, here is what i'm going to do. i will try to work these numbers out a little bit and came up with something short of a hundred thousand dollars saying that is the best estimate he can put into play here for what reflects what she was convicted of. >> what if she can't pay the money? >> that's a good question. you know, we don't have debtor's prisons any more. a part of a sentence this is considered but a the statute says you set up basically a payment plan and they will work that out here. if she doesn't have money right away, they will say, fine this is in place and this will follow you. we have a judgment that can follow you 20 years down the road. they will keep an eye on if she makes any money if anything comes along and if it does you can assume they will step in that's good, here is our piece. >> quickly, i need you to give me a yes or no jack. can she earn money from her
7:38 am
story? >> she can. >> bonnie how much would this story go for and would it be tainted in people are curious about but, at the same time, does any network or company want to be the ones to pay casey anthony? >> a tricky situation. millions and millions of people followed this case and obsessed with it and a huge amount of interest. for that reason i believe there will be bidding for her interview. however, i don't think she will get top dollar. i think she will probably get about a couple hundred thousand dollars in some way and they will work something out. then the question is can she sell a story about her life and what happened? can she get involved in a book deal? i think she would have a hard time with a book publishing company offering her a million dollars for a book. but could she get a percentage if she cooperated with an author who did the book? >> jack is this like with o.j. simpson back in the day he had to sell off everything including his heisman trophy to pay back the goldman family any
7:39 am
type of money casey gets? >> if she gets a job and making a weekly salary they will step in and say we can take a piece of that like any debtor. if you and i owe something -- exactly, court is saying you owe us that the court will work with her to get it back. it could take a long time. >> how soon though, do you think, bonnie we could see this interview, we could see this deal for casey's story? >> i think it could take up to a year, because, again a taint about her. so i think she needs to be very quiet. she needs to be like the church lady, you know? very sober. she needs to look like she is grieving and she needs to look serious, i think. then i think it's more possible for her to entertain offers and people to make the offers. >> fascinating stuff. good to have you both with us. >> thank you. ahead, a soldier takes time out in the middle of a war to buy back the family home. incredible story.
7:40 am
>> yes. it had been foreclosed on but he found a way to do it. incredible story from his grateful father. this is "the early show" on cbs. we will be right back. people rethink how they live. ♪ ♪ in here, video games are not confined to screens. ♪ ♪ excuse me, hi. my grandfather lived in this village. [ woman speaking italian ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ ♪ in here, cars call mechanics before you do. ♪ ♪ [ radio chatter, siren wails ] pass me to the patient, please. [ male announcer ] in here, doctors see you before you get to the hospital. no, we didn't pass it. yeah, pull up the map. [ male announcer ] in here, friends leave you messages written in the air. that's it right there. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network... a network of possibilities... and what's possible
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7:43 am
anyone in the military is a hero to so many people but one who served in iraq and afghanistan his hero status elevated for him and his family. >> he was able to step in and save the family home after it was lost to foreclosure. cbs news betty nguyen looks at how he was able to pull it off. >> reporter: in 2004 jose cordova bought a piece of the american dream. a small house in a humble neighborhood, but it was home. >> this is on a foundation and jose's dad being in construction literally rebuilt this house. >> reporter: two years ago, cordova lost his job and soon after he lost his home too when it went into foreclosure. his son jose jr. is an army veteran who served as an air traffic controller wanting to do something to help his dad, jose saved up $30,000 all while he was deployed in iraq and afghanistan. then recently, word came that
7:44 am
the house was on the market again and jose jr. jumped in. >> it means a lot because he did put a lot of work. he rebuilt the whole thing pretty much and i remember i used to see him doing it and i helped him a few times with whaever whatever i could do. >> reporter: from afghanistan, jose put an offer in for the house and it was accepted. he returned to phoenix for the closing on wednesday. >> with tears in his eyes jose sr. says he hopes to someday repay his son. betty nguyen, cbs news new york. >> nice that his son, though, was able to repay him, obviously, for some years of great parenting. >> clearly, when you see somebody do something like that you know he is, obviously, from good stock. >> can you imagine the mortgage broker getting a call from afghanistan, i'd like to set up a closing? where are you, sir? we'd love to have you come in and talk to us. can't do that now. great story for them. ahead this morning double the sun, double the fun. a crazy new discovery has
7:45 am
asstronas astronomers thinking about luke skywalker. next on "the early show." his stimulant medicine was helping but some symptoms were still in his way. so the doctor kept eric on his current medicine and added nonstimulant intuniv to his treatment plan. [ male announcer ] for some children like eric adding once-daily nonstimulant intuniv to their stimulant has been shown to provide additional adhd symptom improvement. don't take if allergic to intuniv, its ingredients or taking other medicines with guanfacine, like tenex. intuniv may cause serious side effects, such as low blood pressure low heart rate fainting, and sleepiness. intuniv may affect the ability to drive or use machinery. other side effects include nausea, tiredness trouble sleeping, stomach pain, and dizziness. tell the doctor about your child's medicines and medical conditions, including heart, liver or kidney problems. [ woman
7:46 am
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7:48 am
our science and space talk it confuses me until you say the word tattooine. >> then it's all crystal clear! >> looks the force is with nasa astronomers. you may remember luke skywalker's two sons in "star wars." it's normal if you're into "star wars." it's not science fiction there it turns out. >> a newly discovered planet called kepler b. listen to them. >> this is the first definitive detection and best evidence we
7:49 am
have of a tattooine like "star wars." we don't expect luke skywalker to be living there but if you could visit there you would see a sky with two suns like luke did. >> here is the greatest part about that. we cut down a little bit of what they said because chris and i couldn't understand it. i have great respect for the scientists who figure it out and i have great respect putting it in terms i can get. tattooine, we get it! a circular orbiting planet. >> orbiting two suns. >> there you go! fancy pants! he is not just a pretty face. >> you can tell they are so excited about this. you can barely contain the enthusiasm. luckily we were able to capsulate it in that sound bite. coming up he has been watching the cubs all his life and now he is behind the microphone. a great story from chicago when we come back.
7:50 am
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enjoy the sausage, egg and cheese croissan'wich today. only at burger king.
7:55 am
. five minutes before 8:00. beautiful, lots of steam rising from the domino plant. sharon is watching the bridge and roadways. good morning. it's friday. take a look at the day pat. temperatures now about 18 degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning. we are in the, wow, upper 40s. 67 today. over to sharon gibala, wjz 13 traffic control. two accidents on route 50,
7:56 am
one of them, some improvement. 50 westbound on the ramp. it was blocked now open. lingering delays. crash 50 westbound. 95 southbound, accident blocking the right lane. randals town, w road. debris blocking between lakeside in that area. looking at delays on the west side of the beltway, most significant spot 27 miles per hour is your average. live look outside at 50 at 97. traffic is still backed up from the accident. ramp is now open. traffic report brought by sesame street live. elmo makes music comes to baltimore at the performing arts center september 23rd through the 25th. tornado touched down ocean city yesterday despite photographs. that's what people are wondering. people who saw the cloud were shocked something so dig
7:57 am
and destructive could strike without warning. as the cloud descended, people raced the grab cameras, wjz 13 was flooded with pictures and video. the mayor says cars are damaged and some trees uprooted. it will be up to the national weather vis to determine whether this was in fact a tornado. investigators are expected to be out there today. arrest made in a cold case in howard county. it's a man's twin brother who has been charged. the body was found in the woods behind green meadow drive in 2007. investigators believe his twin brother killed him during a dispute over a theft scheme they were involved in. both 19 years of age at the time. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. how a apple or pear a day may help keep strokes away and a man getting a chance to win out
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ welcome back to "the early show." at the top of the hour here, i'm erica hill, along with chris wragge. >> coming up, we meet a 24-year-old man who may have the very best job ever. his name is andrew belleson and he is new ballpark announcer at wrigley field in chicago and beat over 3,000 die-hard cubs fans to get the job. we meet him today and nice to be the voice of an entire baseball nation. >> make you want to switch jobs and make be his backup? >> great stuff.
8:01 am
new research on strokes finding eating apples or pears or any fruit or vegetable white on the inside could cut your risk of stroke by almost half. why is this so interesting? we have heard so much talk about green and orange the healthy kind of produce so what does it have to do with white on the inside? take a look at that in a bit. a new school under way parents and educators and officials are taking a quick look at bullying and it's only getting worse with the explosion of technology. >> a special tonight called bullying, words can kill. tracy smith is here with a preview. nice to see you. >> nice to see you too. >> reporter: one of the biggest problems with bullying, kids don't want to report it. only 25% of teens who is cyberbullyied ever tell an adult. we found parents whose kids talked to them and they tell us words can kill. >> you're supposed to feel
8:02 am
comfortable and you're scared to walk in the hallways. >> you got that feeling of desperation. and pretty much hopelessness. >> i was so scared. i didn't know what to do. i didn't know who to go to. >> i was scared i wasn't going to have any friends. >> i wasn't accepted at school. i couldn't be who i am. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands. >> reporter: middle school can be a place for learning. >> it has the best farmland. >> reporter: discovery. >> now i'd like everyone to open their eyes. look at all of your wonderful friends! >> reporter: friendships. >> yea! >> i love that! ♪ >> reporter: but, for some kids it can also be a place of cruelty. >> they were like you're such a loser. why are you doing that? >> reporter: loneliness. >> i told them like a thousand times, i said i'm left out! >> reporter: fear. >> i was very, very scared to go
8:03 am
to school every day. >> reporter: johnny cagno is an eighth grader at birchwood middle school in providence, rhode island. the school opened its doors last winter and gave "48 hours out "unprecedented access. we spent six months at johnny's school because middle schools often ground zero for bullying. ♪ >> you are judged constantly whether it's your orientation your clothing how you look you know? everything. >> reporter: since he can remember johnny has always been made to feel different. >> growing up you play sports. if you don't play sports then you're weird. or, you know, you just don't fit in. and all through my life that's how it's been, i don't fit in. >> reporter: already pushed out of two other schools because of bullying. johnny was nearing his breaking
8:04 am
point by the time he began seventh grade at birchwood in the fall of 2009. ♪ >> reporter: how serious did it get for johnny? >> he was hurting himself, he was cutting himself. and he would just "i hate myself, i don't want to live any more. i hate my life. nobody likes me. no one cares about me." and i just -- i would just have to constantly just reassure him. i couldn't get those feelings out of his head. >> reporter: and you can't fix it? >> no. >> reporter: not only you can't fix it but you're driving him to school every day and dropping him off. >> yeah. >> reporter: what was that like? >> horrible. just so horrible. i felt every day like i was sending him off to war. >> you can't have a student achieve when they are going through something like this.
8:05 am
>> reporter: assistant principal tony menez. >> they don't realize how much kids internalize this bullying. how a mean word whether it's spoken or in cyberspace can feel as powerful as a gunshot. >> they got inside my head. i would say if i kill myself i don't have to deal with this, you know? i won't have to deal with the bullies every day. ♪ >> that's incredible to see what these kids do have to go through. it's so widespread. i guess the question is administrators can say they want to do this and make these changes but they can't be everywhere with every kid all the time. so how can you monitor this? >> that's a great question. i mean, one of the things that we found in this rhode island school, which is doing a lot of things right. they are not perfect but they are really trying is they have anonymous bully reporting boxes where kids themselves can report the bullies and not accuse of
8:06 am
being a snitch so one little things schools can do but it's changing the culture to say bullies can't have the power. this is not right. if you see it happening, stand up and say something. >> it makes a difference to be able to talk about it. i'm amazed how these kids are able to talk about it because that is one of the hardest things for them to do to stand up and say something because they think it will make it worse. >> unfortunately, so often it does and why we need to change the attitude this isn't going to be tolerated, that it's not right. >> so heartbreaking and sdarcary too. >> what can the parents do? the last thing they want is for everyone to find out that their parents came to the school or their parents are talking to the principal. so what can parents do to intervene to make sure things don't get to the point it escalates that their kids are thinking about suicide. >> the first thing to do is have a conversation with your kids. then the other important thing is if they are on the internet and they are on facebook or other social networking sites you have to friend them and monitor their activities. you don't have privacy on the internet, kids sorry, i'm there and looking what you're doing.
8:07 am
>> i own the computer, you're in my house, my rules. tracy, thanks. the special $48 hours" airs tonight at 8:00 central on cbs. >> here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. in libya what may be the end game soon amid fierce fighting today rebels are advancing in moammar gadhafi's hometown of sirte and to the south. we asked the nato secretary-general how long the air campaign will go on earlier this this morning. >> we know that gadhafi loyalists still have military capabilities at their disposal that can be used to attack the civilian population and this is the reason why we continue our operation as long as necessary. >> but rasmussen said it is not nay tos' mission to help capture gadhafi themselves. blocked execution of a
8:08 am
convicted kill in texas. duane buck killed his ex-girlfriend and another man 16 years ago. his guilt was never in doubt but his attorneys say his trial was unfair because of questioning. buck was scheduled to be executed last night. >> i thank god for all of the prayers. i thank god he has a second chance. we just thank you for allowing my brother to have a fair trial. >> bucks' attorney had also asked texas governor rick perry to hold the execution but the court's stay means perry will not have to act. three astronauts back on earth. for several minutes before their russian soyuz capsule landed communications were lost and raised serious fails it had failed during re-entry. >> how do you read? keep reporting if you can hear
8:09 am
us. and even if you can't hear us. >> even if you can't hear us. communications were restored shortly before the landing. all three spacemen including one american are fine. it is good morning, it is a beautiful day to start. this graphic pretty much tells the story. 21 degrees chillier than at this time yesterday. we are in the upper 40s. high of 67. partly sunny skies. little bit of a morning breeze. partly cloudy, 51 tonight. 8 tomorrow. sunny and getting warmer in to the low 80s by midweek next week. >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by hershey's syrup. stir up a smile with hershey's syrup! up next how a simple thing like the color of your fruits and veggies may help prevent a
8:10 am
stroke. more evidence than ever that an apple real may, an apple a day, may keep the doctor away. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> run community's plan to create jobs. train the workers first and the business will follow. we will show you the unique training program that saved one town's community tonight on "cbs evening news." hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
to go, coach. ♪ ♪ healthwatch preventing strokes. the third leading cause of death in this country. >> according to a new study an apple a day or a pear could reduce your chances of having a stroke. dr. holly phillips is here with us to explain how. nice to have you back with us. >> great to be here. >> we hear in our diet it's important to have a lot of color when it comes to your fruits and he vegetables. the deeper the color, the better the vegetable. this is about the color on the inside. >> exactly. really, the color still pertains but what we found is with
8:14 am
strokes, the color on the inside matters more than the color on the outside. so this is a new american heart association study and they looked at more than 20,000 people over ten years. and they found that people who had diets high in fruits which on the inside were white had a 52% lower risk of stroke. so it was actually primarily apples and pears. because they are white on the inside is what was linked with the lower risk of stroke. >> what is it about it that is so pivotal? >> we looked at two nutrients in particular. the first is fiber. fiber has been shown to lower your blood pressure area probably the most important factor for reducing stroke risk. another is a flavonoid that prevents plaque building up in the arteries which also prevents heart disease but both appearles and pears in particular are high in those nutrients.
8:15 am
cauliflower, i think we have cucumbers over here bananas. all of those things are high in those nutrients that prevent stroke. >> this is so important because think the statistic is every 40 seconds, a person has a stroke in this country. also a number of factors for people that put them at a greater risk. >> absolutely. stroke is the number three killer of americans. really the most important risk factors are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. outside of that if you cut out the smoking you're cutting your risk dramatically. diabetes is a risk factor and previous history of heart disease or a family history of stroke, that matters also. >> anything besides eating some better fruits and vegetables that can help prevent -- >> one much things i thought was so fantastic about this study it's easy top. an alp a day can really make a difference. outside of that controlling your weight, exercise things that really cut down on heart disease in and of themselves.
8:16 am
eating an apple a day is easy. i can even do that. >> i can't. i'm allergic to them. >> can you eat pears? >> bananas, yes, cauliflower. >> there you go. doc, good to see you. >> thanks, holly. for more how to avoid a stroke, logon to and search stroke prevention. up next a dream come true. you'll meet the young cubs fan who gets to live out his baseball fantasy sitting in the best seat at wrigley field. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by pfizer. i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious sometimes
8:17 am
fatal events including infections, tuberculosis lymphoma, other cancers and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores have had hepatitis b have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel you experience persistent fever, bruising bleeding, or paleness. get back to the things that matter most. good job girls. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you.
8:18 am
hi honey what are you doing? just having some chicken noodle. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope, just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see... south western vegetables... 60 calories, oh beef pot roast... ...ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me out? yup. [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. ♪ they are singing go cubs go ♪ >> every young baseball fan's dream is to be a part of that action. >> look at that. wrigley field in chicago. talk about a mecca. >> yes. >> hallow ground for baseball fans. it came true for a lifelong cubs
8:19 am
fan who lives in chicago all his life and dared to dream and in the process became the new voice of the chicago cubs historic ballpark. >> a 1, a 2, a 3! >> reporter: in the windy city. ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ >> reporter: where voices of legend ring through wrigley field. >> welcome to baseball at the beautiful wrigley field! >> reporter: andrew belleson is well on his way to the cubs' hall of fame. >> cleanup at first base, number -- >> you just don't think as a kid you'll get the opportunity. when it came along, it was -- i really treasured it. >> reporter: who has a better office than you? >> amen! nobody i don't think. i can't glan bun witness. >> reporter: in april the 24-year-old began his rookie season as the chicago cubs public address announcer. a dream job that came about in a rather unconventional way. last february after learning their 16-year p.a. vet could no longer keep up the team
8:20 am
announced they were auditioning hopefuls on youtube. >> good evening. i'm andrew belleson. i reside in arlington heights, illinois. >> reporter: the audition process did you think it was unorthodoxed they were soliciting people view a youtube? i thought it was different but after i thought about it the best way, they knew they would get a than ton of applicants for sure. >> let's get to the starting lineup yous. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 applicants across the country send in their best and. >> starling castro! >> reporter: wackiest clips. >> now batting for the chicago cubs, the shortstop, number 13, star starlin castro. >> reporter: your pipes stood above the rest. how many times did you do that to make it feel just perfect? >> i did it probably 15 times and i taped them all and had them on the computer and i went back and listened to each one. i found after about the eighth one they sounded about the same. i said this isn't a big deal so pick it and send it out.
8:21 am
>> reporter: for belleson baseball and broadcasting have been in his blood since childhood. he practices for hours. never really believing that one day he would watch every home game from the best seat in the house. have you been practicing your whole life? >> when i was a kid, i was a big harry caray fan and how i got interested in sports broadcastingbroadcast ing with the cubs. i thought this guy is pretty cool. i love the game of baseball anyways. i used to sit in the living room and announce games. leading off for the cubs left fielder, number 41, tony campena. >> reporter: one of those i have to pinch myself and i'm sitting in this seat. >> yeah absolutely. "take me out to the baseball legendary journalist larry king. ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪
8:22 am
>> reporter: after his inaugural season comes to an end, belleson knows there will be no postseason or pennant for his beloved cubs. >> this afternoon's game time 3:46 and played in front of 42,343. >> reporter: but he's back in the opening booth opening day next year. still pinching himself. >> sometimes it's in the fifth inning of a game sometimes i'm sitting at home and the team is out of town and it will sink in. i i think, wow, i'm very lucky. thank you, and enjoy the ball game! >> i love that story! >> 24 years old. sounds much older. >> he does! >> the day we were there happened to be the best win of the cubs season. >> did you try it out? >> that was the amazing part about it thank you for asking. he did let me give it a try. >> batting number 2, playing shortstop, derek jeter! number 2. >> i like that!
8:23 am
>> that's not bad at all. >> know what is nice? >> my bob sheppard. >> like you were trying to do a bob sheppard or anyone else. it was wrischris wragge. >> i hope he is there for a long long ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain
8:24 am
-- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. dunkin' k-cup packs are finally here! get america's favorite coffee for america's favorite single-serve
8:25 am
brewer. try all five delicious varieties, only at dunkin' donuts stores. america runs on dunkin'. . 25 past 8. looking great, and feeling chilly. sharon gibala is here to wrap up the rush. marty bass has the weather. 21 degrees chillier than this time yesterday morning. one day soon it will be 21 degrees. 67 degrees the high. partly sunny, breezy this morning. should be a pleasant afternoon. temperature around 50. now over to sharon gibala. good morning, following accidents including two on route 50. 50 westbound on the ramp to 97.
8:26 am
the rach was closed now re- opened. accident 50 westbound, that one at the severn river bridge. we have an accident blocking the right lane reisterstown, new one butler on the ramp to 795. a wreck in randals town. new one in sparks belfast at 83. look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway. slow in spots. there is a live look at the west side at old court road. there is a look at 50 at 97. delay is clearing out there. if you suffer personal injury visit cochran apparent tornado touched down in ocean city. people living and visiting got a few shots. monique griego has the story. >> reporter: good morning everyone, people who saw that funnel cloud were shocked that something so big could strike
8:27 am
without warning. as the cloud which was in the sap of a tornado descended people raced to grab cameras. cars are damaged and some trees uprooted. but it will be up to the national weather service to determine whether this was a tornado. investigators are expected to be out there today. campus police are on the lookout for a man who groped a student as she slept. cameras caught someone running from the dorm. no one knows how the man got in. a drowning on baby beach, investigators are trying to figure out if robyn gardner drowned in the water there. stay with wjz 13 maryland's news station, up next, a crash
8:28 am
website. smith sewnia mania hits target stores. october fest caps off this weekend, to get a taste of its rich history.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ good morning once again. welcome back to "the early show." i'm chris wragge along with erica hill here in new york. looks like it's a beautiful start to friday. >> i think so. >> you can only hope this is a sign for the weekend. exactly. coming up, a new show with a very familiar concept.
8:31 am
"two broke girls." let me finish the sentence! it's not about stupid girls being broke. it's a new sitcom featuring two ladies like "laverne and shirley" and kate and allie." >> also taking a look ahead to the emmys this weekend honoring some great comedies like our very own "the office" "glee." the list is as intense. "mad men." and "the good wife" on cbs leading the way. we have a preview for you this morning and we will take a look who may be is expected to win and then who will win it. >> i didn't see this in the packet. none of your cameos were nominated. >> they were not. it's a travesty. >> target shoppers are still looking for missoni.
8:32 am
>> pretty good marketing strategy. joining us is regina lewis and katrina szish. stores have been teaming up with wig big names who do lower priced lines for a long time now. target seems to have the lock on doing these limited engagements. >> they do the limited engagements and get the high end designers that people want a piece of. we saw that with the missoni frenzy. >> will they do it better next time that is better for the consumer? target i'm sure it's great to have all of this attention. you can't buy this type of pr but still -- >> not all of the pr was great. >> a lot of people are disappointed. >> a lot of people are saying, target is such a huge retailer they should have anticipated the rush. i know i anticipated the rush. i went online thinking i wonder if it's going to crash and everybody seemed surprised and frustrated they couldn't get the
8:33 am
amazing missoni pieces. >> that is the ultimate win for a consumer. >> this is about taking something expensive and making it attainable. the average price foy for missoni is $40 compared to thousands at a high end department store. plus the scarcity is intentional. i spoke with target just to be clear. they are not going to restock missoni merchandise so the rumored second shichlt isn't going happen. >> missoni said we are only doing this once. >> i asked them last week when i sat with them, one time that's it. >> why not do it again some such a public outcry. i think this is a good financial decision for them not that they don't need the money. >> they need the money but a onetime buzz and new group of fans and supply and demand. >> aren't the fans cut off if they want more and see they can get it at target for $40 but at the real prize looking at $1,040. >> the fashion phenomenon keeps going. >> there are still 50,000
8:34 am
missoni items on e bay right now. if you head to the suburbs, go deep, go rural. spotty selection but it's still there. >> not for long. obviously, there is the cachet of the came for a lot of people but lines are not limited edition. you're wearing one this morning, right? >> yes. >> these continually do pretty well. this is vera by vera wang. >> yes, from kohl's. vera wang makes $6,000 wedding gowns. >> if you're a high end designer you want a certain type of clientele. >> licensing one word. we are never able to buy their flagship or couture lines but to have a piece of that even laugerfeld. >> the prices start at $99 which
8:35 am
sun heard of. i said on are you worried about diluting the brand? he said not at all. this is an honor for me but it comes down to the dollars as regina said. >> it's the economy we live in these days. fewer people can buy $6,000 items they wear one time. >> so are we going to see more you think? >> yes. i spoke to target they said absolutely. they would not relel theveal the next designer but they would not reveal that. first one in the line matters. >> it's like black friday. >> but a different time of the year. >> target even said this was more than any black friday they had seen. >> you guys wearing your marked down items? >> yes. >> do you like them? >> feel sassy? >> i feel beyond sassy. i feel sassy and snazzy. but what i love about this, if you can feel out there, it's so soft. the quality is -- >> this is a nice quality sweater. how much was this one? >> this was about $80 and
8:36 am
something that angela missoni specifically recommended i get. >> whoa! >> this is 20 dollars and 13 dollar necklace and $15 earrings. and i'm sure vera will give me a ring after this. >> what are you wearing? >> j. crew. >> ladies, thank you. jeff glor is standing by at the news desk with a fabulous ensemble. >> what do you have on now? >> i'm not even sure. >> good morning. the public's opinion of congress has never been lower. stunning numbers from the just released cbs news/"the new york times" poll this morning finding that 12% of americans approve of the job congress is doing. that is the lowest ever recorded in building poll. a president obama whose ratings are also struggling but not that low left the white house by motorcade last night to attend two private fund-raising events for his re-election campaign. at a dinner in georgetown the
8:37 am
president joked his chances, he says, are better in 2012 than in 2008. mr. obama said, quote the odds of me being reelect are much higher than the odds of me being elected in the first place. new images of anders breivik this morning. security cameras captured this image of breivik before he detonated a car bomb outside the prime minister's office in oslo. seen wearing unusual police uniform and no one thought much of it and didn't call police. he went on a shooting spree on an island and all 77 people were killed. he is due back in court on monday. the cruise ship that caught fire is in danger of tipping over this morning. the ship is tipping. they are trying to keep it afloat. two crewmen were killed yesterday when fire broke out in the engine room. passengers were evacuated safely. four people still hospitalized in santa ana
8:38 am
california, after a vicious bee attack. a swarm what we are told were 60,000 bees attacked a man in a wheelchair yesterday. three others then came to his rescue and also stung and taken to the hospital. two firefighters were also stung by the bees. coming up on 38 look at the reflection of the sun on the chesapeake bay. let's go ahead and look at the graphic. 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. refreshing morning. on the cool side this afternoon with temperatures averaging 11 below normal after a morning breeze. partly prepare yourselves for a great laugh. this monday, the new sitcom "two broke girls" debuts here on cbs. >> cbs news contributor mo rocco
8:39 am
takes a look at the duos who have made us laugh. >> in the beginning, there was lucy and ethyl. >> i'm mary richards. >> hello. get out of my apartment. >> reporter: them came mary and rhoda. indicate and allie. this season the two broke girls. >> i'm on it. >> for as long as there have been sitcoms there have been female comedy dueos. is it fair to say most comedy duos female or male are the odd couple? >> the template. very differences. one is up tight or sloppy and messy or free-spirited very often. they are all variations on that. ♪ >> reporter: in the 1970s, "laverne and shirley" was the
8:40 am
number one show on tv pairing the tough talking laverne defazio with the perky shirley fenney. >> what bonds them together was the fact they are two women in the 1950s trying to make it on their own. despite their differences they are supporting each other. the bond of the friendship is the thing that makes all of this work. >> you think it's the friendships up against the odds that resonates with audiences? >> how do i look? >> terrific. me? >> right back at you. we both look sensational. >> whether one is messy or it keeps show like kate an allie going season after season. >> they also shared the bond of single motherhood. >> to my best friend. >> mine too. >> as opposed to those go nesters "the golden girls." >> genius "the golden girls" you could match those four women up
8:41 am
in several different ways and they were all great comedy duos. >> a great s.a.t. question. how many comedy girls? >> they are all great and i couldn't tell you. >> of all who are your favorite? >> a lot to choose from. i say patsy and adina. they make me laugh the hardest. >> a mosquito never bitten you. >> the one that bit me was the one that broke into the betty ford clinic. >> reporter: the two broke girls of cbs. >> have you been to switzerland? >> yes. >> do you have a hrs? >> yes. >> do you know paris hilton? >> no, she is a hundred. >> with "two broke girls" one is a working class waitress and another is a manhattan heiress who had a fall from grace. >> but do the two have the all-important comedy chemistry? how how are you two getting along? >> pretty bad. >> pretty horrible! >> he can't even say it
8:42 am
straight! >> i'm so happy to hear that. you know the press loves to report that costars secretly hate each other. this is great. >> god, i don't. >> i know! >> reporter: did you have to do special exercises to create the chemistry between of two of us? >> yeah. we did a lot of pilates. >> a lot of stretching. >> like trust falls? >> no, but we should. >> a good thing too. for any comedy duo to succeed in prime time, the balance has to be just right. how much of this do you think is about writing and how much of it is just about the performance and the chemistry of the actors? >> for a great comedy duo, whether it's, you know "the odd couple" or "kate and allie" or lucy and ethyl, it's enlightening striking because it happens so seldom. ♪ ours will still be ♪ >>
8:43 am
>>. ♪ i got a lot of hip hip hip ♪ >> "two broke girls" happens tonight at 9:30 8:30 central. a lot of people are jazzed about this including our next guest who says it's worth tuning in. pretty tough competition this weekend for this year's emmy awards handed out on sunday night. >> so many great shows that deserve to win. here is jessica shaw senior writer for "entertainment weekly" magazine. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> brad is on the latest issue. a lot of first-timers seems to be the theme. there could be a number of potential first-time wins in a number of different categories. best actress, julie anna.
8:44 am
she got to lose it this year. she kicked her husband out and lost it on her friend who has slept with him. she is extraordinary. >> the show is phenomenal. >> won supporting in '95. >> but that was for "e.r." she has not been awarded for "good wife" and she deserves it. >> i i think i know someone who may know. >> let's look at the actor category now. cbs has a couple of contenders, obviously, in the best actor in a comedy category. jim parsons won last year but up against one of his co-stars this year. >> yeah. >> if you were just looking at the two of them? >> pick one. granted they are not the only two who are nominated. >> unfortunately when two people are nominated from the same show, they cancel each other out. as much as i love the show i don't think neither one will win because the award has to go to steve carell. it was his best year. he didn't check out in his last
8:45 am
year. he didn't say i'm leaving next year. >> not even close. >> no, no. he was terrific. his last episode was amazing. >> alec baldwin you have to watch out for him! his character is one of the best ever created for television. steve carell is your favorite in that category. let's talk about best actor in a drama. >> yeah. very strong contenders. it's actually i think the most interesting race this year, because brian cranston is not eligible because whf iten it aired. i think to "madmen" and you never sew. a lot of people think steve could take it home. >> it's a phenomenal show and quite a category in general. any sort of a dark horse you are looking to in any category that you would love to see take home an emmy? >> a few people nominated this year are so interesting. they have been a little off the
8:46 am
radar for the awards. amy amy pollard. the emmy voters are paying attention to what is on tv. great if he won. >> it is a little bit of a popularity contest as well is it not? >> yes. in his case just being nominated is the award. >> and bring extra attention. >> thanks. >> appreciate it. we will tap into the spirit of world's largest beer festival. you know that? on account fest oktoberfest. >> i don't know why you say that. >> we will sample some of our [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's
8:47 am
why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. ♪ it's the new start of a new day ♪ ♪ in the rhythm of my weekday flow ♪ ♪ something new -- ooo! ♪ ♪ just what i want ♪ ♪ prepared for me and ready to go ♪ ♪ taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury egg scrambles. ♪ a brand new morning ♪
8:48 am
. julie anna margulies. .. welcome back here to "the early show." as you can see, it's almost breakfast time here on "the
8:49 am
early show"! on thursday we medal honor recipient dakota meyer and we talked about his big drink with president the other day. >> that's right. they shared a beer. turned out the beer they had, you cannot buy anywhere. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has a little more on this brew for us. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. dakota meyer had a simple but unusual, request when he talked to white house staffers before he came here a few days ago. he said that he would like to have a beer with the president. great idea right? and how could the president refuse? so it happened. it happened on wednesday. here is the picture. the president and the war hero, you know, just kind of hanging outside the oval office. but did you wonder whose beer they were drinking? well, are you ready? it was the white house's own brew! made right here with equipment the obamas bought with their own money! and it is the first time according to the historian, that beer has ever been made in the
8:50 am
white house. white house honey ade, the first brew served at the super bowl party in february. a very small batch. 90 to a hundred bottles and all consumed that day. and then the white house chefs have been brewing it since. a batch for st. patrick's day and another one in june and a batch got served to sergeant meyer. just for the record, gang, home brewing is legal here in d.c. >> one would hope if the president is doing it. have you ever had a beer there? >> i have a request in and sorry i'm not with you guys this morning. >> let us know and come down for the testing. in the interim we have a little something here. tomorrow is the first day of oktoberfest in germany. >> that means lots of beer a whole lot of beer. >> even more beer. we started to do "the early show" oktoberfest a day here and here to help us find the best beers is president of spigelo?
8:51 am
>> vice president actually. >> matt rutkowski, what did you bring in for us today? >> beers from the germany and the united states are emblematic of the style of the beers that are drunk at oktoberfest. the first is a weak beer from ba var yeah bavaria. >> people see it in the summer with a lemon is it? >> it knocks the head and the efficienter efficient er it's brewed with half wheat and barley just like grandma's soup barley. >> this works out well. it could be fairly warm. most of it happens in september
8:52 am
oktoberfest. >> that's correct. traditionally, oktoberfest started with the marriage of prince ludwick and he had his own wedding with bringing the town's people along. >> 1810, correct? >> that's correct. >> look at you! >> give the town's people some free beer to get them started but this became an annual faest value festival in germany. 7 million liters of beer were sxurmed last year. >> that is just there. hef a minute left. tell us quickly about the other three beers. >> we have victory prime beer. it came from czech but popular in germany and now the united states. oktoberfest style brewed by an american brewery on long island. >> nice color. >> also finally this ianor. this is an actual oktoberfest brew directly from bavaria and a
8:53 am
stronger beer probably 6.2% and all of the oktoberfest beers are elevated in alcohol content to i guess, enhance the party. >> matt rutkowsky, you know your beer. >> s
8:54 am
i'm drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin' iced latte. iced dunkin' decaf. estoy tomando café helado. large caramel iced with skim. one shot of hazelnut, iced cream and sugar. i wouldn't want it any other way. get your iced coffee your way. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
8:55 am
. full start to the week's end and weekend. especially if you have a please laying out. don't want to get out of the shower and go outside, that's for sure. 21 degrees cooler than yesterday. 67 is the high today. we are at 50 now. partly sunny skies in the area. partly cloudy 51 tonight. tomorrow more overcast, no rain in the forecast now. high of 68. sun through wednesday. start to see temperatures moderating towards midweek. possible tornado touching down in ocean city. no one saw it coming, a lot of
8:56 am
people saw it. monique griego has the story. >> reporter: good morning everyone. people who saw the funnel cloud were shocked something so big and destructive could strike without warning. as the cloud in the shape of a tornado descended on ocean city. people raced the grab cameras. we were flooded with pictures and video. the mayor says cars are damaged and some trees uprooted but it will be up to the national weather service to determine whether this was a tornado. investigators are expected to be out there today. thank you very much. a university student is dead. her roommate confessed to stabbing her in a fight in their dorm room. dom knock phraser was heard arguing with the roommate and the situation escalated. investigators will process the dorm room for more evidence later today. arrest made in a four-year- old cold case. a man's twin brother has been charged with killing him.
8:57 am
the body was found in the woods behind green meadow drive in 2007. investigators believe his twin brother killed him during a dispute over a theft scheme the two were involved with at the time. this morning he is a free man according to the baltimore sun. a jo found davis not guilty of leaving a fake bomb in front of the courthouse in february. the 51 year old says he was sitly making a political statement by leaving behind a highly decorated comode. tolls will increase on the bay bridge. starting november drivers will pay $4 to cross the bridge instead of the proposed $6. over the susquehanna, folks can use the decals without have to pay extra.
8:58 am
600 stores which normally sell burger cookies have been out of stock. the company that makes the cookies was flooded during hurricane irene leaving it with water logged packaging unfit to make their product for market. news and fist morning weather at noon, updates available at
8:59 am

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